The Ballad Of Stonewall and His Slinger

It had been 12 years since Patrick Stonewall had been in the game. That name, once feared by every cattle farmer this side of the Mississippi, had now been lost to history.

Most assumed death, whether by the gun or the drink, not a soul could say which.

In the bustling town of Desdemona, Texas, there he stood, as a bartender at the local watering hole, known only as Pappy.

Pappy was now a god-fearing man, hell bent on repenting for his old ways. To Desdemona, his two fingers of bourbon over ice, was the talk of the town. His drink and his retired six-shooter, “Slinger,” were the only things that remained from his past life.

He liked the anonymity, but it wouldn’t last for long.

As the midsummer brought prosperity to Desdemona, so came the Little Rock Gang, the most notorious band of rustlers, and Pappy’s former running partners, to ransack the town.

Pappy stood out in front of his bar, Slinger at his side, to face his former compadres and save his adopted Desdemona.

Slinger’s bark was as loud as he remembered, as Pappy fired off shot after shot, taking down the Little Rock Gang.

His heroism was also his end, as a stray bullet caught him in the crossfire, but his redemption was complete.

As a tribute, the city of Desdemona created the first Slinger Mason Jar Shot Glass, in honor of Patrick Stonewall and his trusty peacemaker. It is with this tradition today that we continue to toast to heroes with the Slinger, one shot at a time.